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Culture tubes

Glass culture tubes, screw neck

• Made from 3rd class hydrolytic soda-lime glass
• Round or flat bottom
• To be capped with the golden aluminium cap
• Autoclavable grey rubber seal

Kimble glass culture tubes

Single use culture tubes made from Kimble Kimax-51 borosilicate glass.

Borosilicate glass culture tubes

• Screw neck
• Made from KIMAX-51
• Type 1, class A or B glass
• Marking area
• Packaged on a tray under plastic film

Glass culture tubes with round bottom

• Glass
• Single use
• With screw thread
• Packaged on tray under plastic film
• No marking area
• Supplied without cap

Borosilicate glass culture tubes

• Made from borosilicate glass with a uniform wall for maximum heat transfer and perfect chemical resistance
• Autoclavable, reusable
• Guarantee remarkable sample stability
• Supplied with screw caps (not assembled) with rubber seal

Bellco anaerobic culture tube

• Tubes are impermeable to gases to maintain anaerobic conditions
• For testing the production of methane by bacteria
• Blue rubber cap
• Made from borosilicate glass
• Tube dimensions: 18 x 150 mm

Hungate anaerobic culture tubes

Tubes are impermeable to gases for culture in anaerobiosis. The Hungate method recommends inoculating the bacteria by syringe via the tube septum.

Wheaton culture tubes (C-tubes)

• Culture tubes with screw cap
• Made from borosilicate glass, complies with standards ASTM Type I class B and USP type I
• Autoclavable
• Reusable
• Cap with white styrene-butadiene seal
• For stirring cell cultures

Pyrex Corning® glass tubes

Highly neutral borosilicate glass tube. Its stability and the absence of any re-release make it an ideal tube for cell culture and microbiology.

Leighton tubes

Tubes for studying cells cultured on slides.
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