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Your Science, our Focus

AH diagnostics is your partner in research and diagnostics




Your local partner in the Nordics  

AH diagnostics was founded in 1986 in Aarhus, Denmark, where our headquarters is located.   
Since then, we have expanded with subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, and Finland, as well as a sales office in Copenhagen.   
Our specialists speak the local language. We are 50 employees across the Nordics. 

 We help laboratories within life science and diagnostics to reach optimal performance by providing innovative quality products and full workflow solutions. We focus on offering products that are at the forefront of scientific and technological development and knowledge. The products we offer should be innovative, durable, and increase efficiency in the laboratory. You will meet experienced Product Specialists with a biological background and specialized knowledge as well as certified service technicians. 






We have achieved the following ISO certifications






ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems

AH diagnostics is given an internationally recognized framework for quality policies, processes and procedures. This framework ensures a focus in the core business that impacts the organization’s ability to meet our customers’ and other stakeholders’ requirements.


ISO 45001:2018 - Occupational health and safety management systems

This certification determines and continually improves our organization’s Health and Safety position and performance. This internationally recognized standard within OSH (Occupational, Safety & Health) management systems puts a good working environment on our daily agenda and requires management and employees to focus on improving the way they interact. 


ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems

AH diagnostics ensures a dedicated determination and continuous improvement of the organization's environmental impact, position, and performance.  Our Environmental policy requires a continuously focus on: improving environmental performance, fulfillment of binding obligations, and meeting environmental goals.


AAA – Highest Creditworthiness rating by Dun & Bradstreets

The AAA rating by Dun & Bradstreets rewards companies with an exceedingly strong abillity to meet current payment obligations. Learn more.



 Business ethics and code of conduct 


We strive to live up to the highest ethical and moral codex. We comply with the fundamental business codes of conduct.  

This means that we:

  • Do not participate in bribery or corruption
  • Comply with all work-related health and safety legislation
  • Comply with the labor law, including legislation on minimum wage



 Anti-bribery Compliance Challenge Training   

Once a year all employees at AH diagnostics are certified according to an Internationale acknowledged Anti-Bribery Compliance training from Trace including FCPA and UK Bribery act.    
This to:

  • Provide employees, a tool to understand and mitigate the risk of compliance violations.
  • Ensure that all employees will provide services according to the certification and are familiar with the laws, rules, regulations, and restrictions.

ESG and Sustainability  


We aim to work with our entire value chain, to limit our environmental impact. We support both our suppliers and our customers in their sustainability efforts. Transparency is part of our DNA and we work actively to create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

If you want to read our full ESG repport, click here.



Our Strategic House   




 Core Values    



  • We do as we say
  • Sustain integrity
  • Transparency in our actions



  • Align expectations
  • High-quality knowledge and support
  • Add value to interactions



  • Care, share, and recognize
  • Accept individual difference
  • Loyalty towards colleagues, customers, and business partners