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Closures for flasks

ISO caps with central opening

• PBTP cap with central opening
• Enables an electrode or the sample to be passed through via a septum
• Designed for ISO type glass flasks

Smart Caps multi-port cap

Secure cap for Schott DURAN bottles with GL 45 neck

Smart Caps thread adapter

Thread adapter so that Smart Caps for a GL 45 neck can be used on smaller bottles.

Smart Caps multi-port caps

Secure bottle cap for Nalgene-type bottles.

Bottle pourer cap

• Made of white PTFE and blue polypropylene
• GL45 thread
• Supplied complete with bottle pourer and cap
• Can withstand temperatures up to 140 °C
• Autoclavable
• Dishwasher safe

Vented cap

• Cap with 0.2 µm PTFE membrane
• GL45 thread
• Suitable for autoclaving and processes requiring pressure compensation
• Gas permeable, not liquid permeable

Caps with ports

• For the safe transfer of liquids within a closed and sterile system
• With cap and drip ring
• Polypropylene screw cap with 2 or 3 connection ports
• GL45 thread
• Components interchangeable between 2 port and 3 port caps
• Autoclavable at 140 °C

Twin-hose screw cap, knurled

• For transferring liquid with a peristaltic pump
• Polypropylene
• GL45 thread
• Ideal for use with soft elastic tubing that has an inner diameter of 6 - 9 mm
• Can be combined with an optional venting connector with a 0.2 µm filter membrane for pressure compensation whilst keep bottle contents sterile
• Autoclavable at 140 °C

PP caps with stainless steel gland for temperature probes

• Thermocouple or temperature probe holder permanently fitted into a blue polypropylene GL45 cap
• Ensure that the probe is maintained centrally when measuring the core temperature during sterilisation

DURAN® stainless steel multiport connector caps GL45 and GL25

• For sterile liquid transfer between containers
• With red PBT screw cap (GL45 and GL25)
• Connectors and body are manufactured from Type 316L stainless stee
• Wide temperature usage range (up to 180 °C)
• Autoclavable (at 121 °C, 15 minutes)
• Reservoir cap for supplying laboratory instruments
• Port assemblies for spinner flasks, and cell culture vessels
• Retrace coded for full traceability

Septum for GL45 and GL25 cap with central opening

• Suitable for GL45 caps with central opening 34 mm and for GL25 caps with central opening 15 mm
• Easy piercing of the septum with a syringe

Bromobutyl septum• Low permeability to most gases, air, moisture
• Suitable for the storage of oxygen-sensitive products, anaerobic cultures
• High quality bromobutyl elastomer
• Operating temperatures: -50 to +121 °C
• Autoclavable at 121 °C 20 minutes

PTFE Silicone septum• PTFE coated silicone, flexible for easy needle penetration and sealing after drilling
• High chemical resistance
• Liquid tightness
• Operating temperatures: -50 to +180 °C
• Autoclavable at 121 °C 15 minutes
• Dry heat sterilization up to 180 ° C

DURAN torque spanners®

• For screw cap GL25, 32 and 45
• Applies the ideal force required for a tight closure of caps
• The type of cap is engraved on the top to avoid any mistake
• Can be used in clean rooms
• Engraved lot for complete traceability
• In aluminium
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