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Volumetric flasks

Pyrex glass volumetric flasks class A

Pyrex glass volumetric flasks. In addition to norms DIN 12664 and ISO 1042. For traceability purposes, each flask bears a batch number.

Volumetric flasks with stopper

• Class A
• Certified conformity
• Manufactured in DURAN® in compliance with DIN EN ISO 1042
• Supplied with a batch number and an accompanying batch certificate in the original packaging
• Smooth neck without stopper or with squared polypropylene stopper with dropping tip (this stopper reduces provides a good grip and gives protection if glassware is accidently knocked over), or glass stopper

Hirschmann volumetric flasks

7 versions available:
• version A: Duran class A
• version B: Class A, brown glass, polypropylene stopper
• version C: class A, brown glass, glass stopper
• version D: Duran class A volumetric flask, Kohlrausch
• version E: class A, trapezoidal, standard ground and PE stopper
• version F: class A, Brown USP glass
• version G: class A, polypropylene glass, brown graduation

Volumetric flasks, class A

• Borosilicate glass class A
• Conical seal and PTFE cap
• Standard ISO DIN 1042
• Reference temperature at 20 °C
• Blue marking

Pyrex Class A amber volumetric flasks

• Manufactured from borosilicate glass with an amber coating on exterior surfaces
• Polyethylene stopper
• Class A, Complies with ISO 1042 and DIN 12664
• Conformity 'H' certified
• Each flask is laser etched with an individual serial number batch code and date of manufacture, Batch certificate available to download online

Polyethylene stoppers

• Ideally suited for use with glass or plastic volumetric flasks and measuring cylinders
• Manufactured from polyethylene
• Large head provides a good grip and gives protection if glassware is accidently knocked over

Conical caps for calibrated flasks

• Made from polyethylene
• Compliant with standard DIN 12242
• Watertight

Pyrex volumetric Flask, Class A, UKAS certified

• Manufactured from claire or amber Pyrex borosilicate glass for photosensitive solutions
• Complies with ISO /IEC 17025, ISO 1042, DIN12664
• Calibrated to the tolerances required by the United States Pharmacopoeia, Calibrated to Class A tolerances
• Supplied with a UKAS calibration certificate
• Each flask is laser etched with an individual serial number and date of manufacture for traceability purposes
• White enamel inscriptions
• Polyethylene stopper

BLAUBRAND volumetric flasks® PURprotect

• In Boro 3.3 glass
• Class A, DE-M marking
• DIN EN ISO 1042
• With polypropylene cap
• With batch certificate
• Plastic coating prevents glass splinters from scattering when falling and loss of liquid
• Blue coloured coating for easy recognition of PURprotect vials
• Withstands 135 °C in dry heat
• Autoclavable 121 °C, if frequent decreases protection
• Maximum cleaning temperature 95 °C

Volumetric flask class A with DIN/ISO/USP tolerance

• Conforms to ISO 102 and DIN 12664
• Calibrated to USP tolerances
• Serial number and date of manufacture engraved in each vial
• Certificate of conformity delivered with the vial
• Certified 'H' compliance
• White enamel graduation
• Polyethylene cap
• In borosilicate glass

Volumetric flask class B

• Conforms to ISO 1042 and DIN 12664
• Borosilicate glass
• Blue enamel inscription
• Polyethylene cap
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