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DURAN Erlenmeyer flasks with wide neck

Certificate and batch monitoring: through a special 8 digit code inscribed on the flask, possibility of obtaining a certificate directly from the internet.

DeLong Erlenmeyer flasks with smooth neck

• Made from borosilicate glass type 1, class A
• Graduated
• Caps to be ordered separately

Brown glass Erlenmeyer flasks with ground neck

• Made from brown glass
• Comply with norm ISO 4797
• With graduation

Non-capped narrow neck Erlenmeyer flasks

• Manufactured from Pyrex borosilicate glass for highest resistance to thermal shock and chemical corrosion
• White enamel graduations and marking spot
• Printed with Trace Code

Erlenmeyer flasks with SVL type screw cap

Bouchons à vis PBT autoclavables et stérilisables à la vapeur sèche jusqu'à 180 °C.

Pyrex glass Erlenmeyer flasks

• High shock resistance thanks to consistent thickness of walls and bottom; neck is also reinforced with a thick rim
• White enamel indelible graduations
• Perfectly flat base for optimised stirring

DURAN Super Duty Erlenmeyer flasks

• Made from DURAN borosilicate glass type 1
• Thicker walls and heavier bases
• Reinforced rims and spout
• White graduations and marking spot
• Printed with Trace Code for downloadable batch certificate

DURAN Erlenmeyer flask with narrow neck

• Graduations
• Homogeneous wall thickness
• Traceability code
• Complies with ISO 1773
• Meet USP pharmacopoeia
• Autoclavables

Erlenmeyer flask with narrow neck SLS Select

• Made of high quality borosilicate glass
• With white scales and marking area
• Excellent chemical and thermal resistance

Erlenmeyer Hybex™ with screw cap

• In Hybex borosilicate glass™
• With screw cap GL45 and drip-free spill ring
• Autoclavable
• Marking area
• Applications: agitation, media preparation and storage

Erlenmeyer with screw cap

Made of DURAN® 3.3 borosilicate glass with volume gradations, marking area and PTFE-coated screw cap
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