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Transport - storage tubes

Transfer tubes 1.2 ml

• SBS format
• Ideal for automation / HTS
• Available in individual format, 8 or 12 tubes barrel
• Tubes and racks in Virgin polypropylene, polyethylene cap strip
• The racks are delivered with transparent lids
• Alphanumeric marking
• Autoclavables
• Sterile version: pyrogen free

ClearLine® storage tubes 0.65 ml and 1.1 ml (single or strip-tubes)

• Bagged or racked PP tubes
• Single or 8 and 12 strip-tubes
• PE 8-stip or 12-strip caps
• ANSI Standard
• Autoclavable
• -80 °C storage

Transfer tubes 0.65 -1.2 ml

The tubes are supplied:
• non-closed;
• with Multisip septum cap (for robotic use).

Transfer tubes 0.65/1.2 ml Hitplate

Characteristics of the rack:
• Rack of 96 tubes with SBS standards
• Autoclavable polypropylene
• Transparent safety lid
• Stackable
• A frame support holds the tubes in the rack and prevents them accidentally falling out
• Characteristics of the tubes:
• Capacity: 0.65 ml or 1.2 ml
• Polypropylene
• Autoclavable
• Available in 3 versions: simple tubes, strips of 8 tubes or simple tubes with alphanumeric labelling printed on the bottom

Transfer tubes storage Biotubes

Polypropylene 1.1 ml tubes for storage and transfer. Individually or in strips of 8, bulk or in a rack of 96 in a microplate format.

Storage tubes for robotics

Rack of 96 tubes 1.1 ml (8.8 x 45 mm) from polypropylene specially designed for robotics. Also ideal for multichannel pipettes. A special ''low profile'' version enables the rack to be adapted for equipment limited to the height of a storage block (Deepwell plate). Lid with alphanumeric index.

Storage block for square tubes

Rack of 96 square polypropylene tubes, round bottom.

Transfer tubes 1.2 ml

1.2 ml or 0.75 ml polypropylene transfer tubes. Designed for RIA, EIA, PCR applications, quality control, blood bank or sample transport.

3 possible versions:
• bulk (in sachet);
• in racks;
• refill system: tray of 96 tubes loaded in a turn of the hand onto compact or automated trays... Economical.

Two types of racks:
• standard rack for laboratory with covering lid and identification sheet;
• ''robotic'' type rack compatible with Tecan, Beckman, Tomtec and others. Covering lid with alphanumeric markers and condensation rings.

Matrix transfer tubes with Sepraseal caps

• Round bottom
• Made of autoclavable polypropylene
• Resistant to temperatures of - 80 °C to 120 °C
• Bulk, Latch Rack or Snap Rack versions

Latch Racks:
• Compatibles with automated systems
• SBS footprint
• Open bottom and venting for faster freezing and thawing
• Secure lid suitable for use by robotics; for mailing, the lid stays fir mly closed; in manual use, the lid is held open by hinges

Snap Racks:
• Snap-in tubes, avoids them falling over
• Compatible with automated systems
• Secure lid for mailing and storage

Matrix tubes with DuraSeal caps

The Duraseal caps:
• Elastomer individual caps, V-shaped, pre-split
• Complement the line of Matrix storage tubes
• Designed to be pierced more than 200 times
• Good chemical resistance from to -80 °C to 100 °C
• Excellent barrier to water vapor and DMSO
• Extractable material: absent after soaking in DMSO
• Available bulk, or installed in storage tubes

Micronic Storage tube with external thread

• Polypropylene
• Data Matrix barcode
• Resistant to chemical solvents
• Temperature resistance: liquid nitrogen vapor at +100 ° C

Eppendorf SafeCode™ tubes

• Made from high-quality virgin polypropylene (PP), free from biocides, plasticisers or latex
• Produced in optimised, finely polished moulds without release agents such as oleamide, erucamide or stearamide
• Designed and manufactured under an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified quality management system
• Quick and easy identification thanks to human-readable barcode and 2D Datamatrix barcode
• Clearly visible 2D Datamatrix code, can be read even when 30% damaged
• Manage your barcoded samples with sample management software such as eLabInventory
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