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Plate/tube Closing - Opening

UNIVO CP480 electric capper

• Caps a rack of 96 tubes in 7 seconds
• Caps tubes with a height up to 48 mm (Micronic 1.4 ml tubes)
• Can also cap plug style caps and Micronic racks
• No buttons
• Simple to use
• Principle: place the rack in the capper drawer, place the cap mat on the block and close the drawer. The device automatically adjusts and applies the right amount of force to the mat

Capper/decapper for 8 tubes with screw caps

• Caps/decaps 8 tubes at a time
• For left or right-handed use
• Prevents sample loss and maintains sample integrity

Cap removal tools

• For removing septum caps
• Decaps 1 to 8 tubes in one operation

Capit-All and Capit-All IS tube capper/decapper

• Cap/decap 96 tubes at once
• Avoids handling errors
• Capit-all IS version can be integrated with a robotic system
• Model 446528 and 446529: 10 seconds per rack
• Model 446531: 15 seconds per rack
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