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Silicone slides

Silicone coated glass coverslips

The silicone coated glass coverslips are used for suspended drop crystallisation, or the sandwich drop technique, in the crystallisation process. The silicone treatment has a hydrophobic surface that prevents the crystals and their precipitates adhering to the surface. RNase and DNase free.

Silicone coated acrylic slides

• Unbreakable coverslips
• Silicone coated
• Hydrophobic surface offers the possibility of the drops holding without spreading
• No adhesion of crystals and precipitates
• Non-reactive material
• Sealed with most greases and oils through immersion
• Used with most screening buffers

Set strip-slide microplate format

• For crystallographic studies of membrane proteins
• Optimised for UV and fluorescent microscopy
• Super hydrophobic coverslip surface
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