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Whatman plates

Microplates UNIPLATE

• Combinatory chemistry
• Cryostorage of samples
• Mini plasmid preparations
• Counting by scintillation
• Tissue culture
• Batch studies of antigens/antibodies
• Storage of DMSO, powders and cryostorage

Plate 24 wells 10 ml

Made from medical quality polypropylene, the 10 ml 24 well plate has excellent chemical resistance, a low rate of bonding and percolation, good stability in heat or when freezing.

The 10 ml collecting plate can be used for numerous applications other than simple filtrate collection. Used with the Whatman 10000 µl UNIFILTER , it becomes an ideal tool for midi-preparations and also for analysing traces in water and effluents.

Plates and lids Deepwell

• 96, 48, 24 wells
• Volumes 2, 5, 10 ml
• Sterile or non-sterile polypropylene
• Square wells, flat bottom
• Alphanumeric index
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