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Falcon® plates

Plates 96-Wells Falcon®

96-Well polystyrene plates specially designed for automation and screening.

Plates 384 wells Falcon®

384 well plates for multiple screening applications.

• 120 µl (square opening well and base, flat bottom);
• 30 µl (reduced well, unchanged plate format).

Inserts HTS 24 and 96-Multiwell

The HTS Multiwell Insert Systems Falcon®TM plates are characterised by a platform with 24 or 96 connected inserts and are designed for automating most tests that use a microporous membrane. The HTS Multiwell Insert Systems 24 and 96-Well plates are compatible with most robots and fluid transfer machines, enabling simultaneous handling of the 24 or 96 inserts. These plates can also be used manually.

These systems are supplied with a plate to facilitate replacement of the medium in one single handling. The plates with connected inserts are then adapted to a 24 or 96-Well plate format (Falcon® and/or Corning® Gentest) to conduct permeability tests.

Two formats:
• 24 well lnsert Systems: PET membrane 1 µm, 3 µm and 8 µm;
• 96-Well lnsert Systems: PET membrane 1 µm.

Corning® inserts: different formats

Corning® individual inserts with 6, 12 or 24 well culture plates

Snapwell inserts™

• The Snapwell™ insert is a Transwell™ culture insert consisting of a 12mm membrane supported by a removable ring

Netwell™ PET inserts

• Polystyrene inserts with a polyester mesh bottom

Storage plate PP 96-Wells

• Low retention polypropylene, resistant to deformation
• Sealed with mat or film
• Compatible with automated systems
• Standard 96-Well plates

Imaging plate 96-Wells

• 96-Well black plates, transparent bottom
• Very fine flat bottom, specially designed for cellular imaging
• Well volume: 340 µl
• Sterile, with lid

Corning® BioCoat™ 96 & 384 Well plate with glass bottom

• Glass bottom thickness of 200 µm
• Well suited for imaging microscopy
• Black plate for low background fluorescence
• Half area 96-Well microplate reduces reagent needed
• With lid

Corning® 1536-well Plate

• Cyclic olefin copolymer (COC)
• Flat edge for better plate closure
• Ultra clear 127 µm
• Bar code on Long Side or on Short Side
• 2 versions:
- low base, for a reading from above
- and high base for a reading from below
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