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Corning® Plates

Corning® 384-Well Microplate

Different treatments: Not treated , Cell culture, nonbinding, Poly-D-Lysine Coated , Corning® CellBIND®, Collagene-coated, Fibronectin-coated, Multi-coated, Ultra-Low Attachment

Corning® CellBIND®: Uses waves to increase the oxygen incorporation into the cell culture surface, for an optimal cell attachment on hard conditions

Ultra-low attachment: with a covalently bound hydrogel layer that effectively inhibits cellular attachment

CORNING screening microplates

• Polystyrene
• Sans couvercle (sauf Réf. 003680)
• Non-sterile
• Non traitée : surface hydrophobe par nature qui fixe les biomolécules par des interactions passives

• Plaques 96 puits : 25-125 µl (demi-puits) ; 75-200 µl (standard)
• 384-well plate: 5-40 µl (half-wells); 20-80 µl (standard)
• 1536-well plate: 1-8 µl

Microplates for NBS™ CORNING

• Polystyrene
• Surface non liante NBS™ : surface hydrophile non ionique (semblable à l'oxyde de polyéthylène) qui minimise les interactions moléculaires
• Ideal for reducing protein and nucleic acid binding at low concentrations and increasing the signal-to-noise ratio
• Sans couvercle
• Non-sterile
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