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Merck Millipore filter plates

Multiscreen 96-Wells HTS and standard Merck Millipore

The MultiScreen HTS filtration plates are available in 96 and 384 well formats with a large choice of membranes and plastic materials. These plates are specifically designed for use on automated instruments through their unique conception that facilitates their integration into robotised platforms. The rigid walls improve the gripping ability and their width enables labels with bar codes to be attached. The 96 well plates are recommended for the Elispot technique, the observation of entire organisms and the detection of radioisotopes, and have a detachable drain which facilitates access to the membrane. These plates are compatible with the Packard TopCount and Wallac MicroBeta scintillation counters, and can be adapted to most automated systems for HTS studies (genomics, proteomics, ADME / Tox, drug discovery etc.): Beckman Multimek and Biomek FX, Tecan Genesis, Packard Multiprobe, PerkinElmer Evolution.

Plates Multiscreen HTS Merck Millipore 384 wells

The Multiscreen HTS 384 well plates are ideal for bio-tests and enable radiometric counting directly in the plate.

Manifold Multiscreen

Filtration system under pressure for 96-Well multi-screen HTS plates. Includes:
• base;
• the frame for standard format 96-Well plates with joints;
• the support grid;
• the pipes;
• an ON/OFF valve;
• a pressure regulation valve;
• a manometer.
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