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Microplates Screening - Storage

Plates 96-Wells Nunc

96-well plates made from polystyrene specifically intended for screening applications and automated systems. All of these plates can be supplied with a labelled bar code.

Four surface qualities:
• Sterile, treated for cell cultures.
• MAXISORP: surface with high affinity for hydrophilic molecules such as antibodies.
• POLYSORP: medium adsorption surface with affinity for more hydrophobic molecules such as non-protein antigens.
• Non-treated: suitable for storage, DNA and antibiotic screening.

Microplates 384 wells Nunc

Polystyrene Microplates with 384 square wells for various surface treatments:
• treated for cell culture, sterile;
• MAXISORP, with high adsorption capacity;
• non-treated.

They are available in various forms: transparent, black, white or with transparent bottom.

Plates 1536 wells Nunc

Plate in transparent, white or black polystyrene, specially designed for automated systems. Volume per well: 10 µl.

Plates 96-Wells optical bottom

• Culture-treated
• Sterile
• Bottom with glass coverslip n° 1.5; low autofluorescence
• Superior structure from transparent, black or white polystyrene
• For CC2 glass plates, surface treatment with same biological effects as the plates treated with Poly-L-Lysine, to be used for difficult cells such as cancerous, neuronal, transfected or primary cells
• Compatible with robots

Microplates PP 96-Wells

Plates for automated systems

Different colours:
• natural: for sterile and non-sterile plates designed for screening, sample collection, combinatorial chemistry, liquid phase tests and sample storage;
• black: for applications under fluorescence, background noise reduction, minimal diffusion of return light
• white: for applications under fluorescence and luminescence, maximum signal reflection, minimal autoluminescence and autofluorescence;
• red, blue or yellow: sample banks, storage, sample collection.

Microplates PP 384 wells

• Microplates compatible with automated systems
• Square wells with a round bottom for better sample access and optimal washing

• Design and storage of DNA databases for genetic tests and screening
• Synthesis and storage of components for combinatory chemistry
• Black and white versions for methods using fluorescence and luminescence

Plate Omnitray Nunc

• Plate without wells, microplate format
• Can be used with automated systems such as Beckman, Tecan, Zymark...
• Different surface treatments depending on the applications
• Supplied with lid
• Stackable
• Sterile
• Transparent polystyrene
• Can be frozen at -20 °C
• Working volume: 35 ml
• Maximum volume: 90 ml
• Dimensions: 128 x 86 mm

• Liquid container
• Support for membranes in hybridisation
• Can be used with automated systems

Storage blocks 96-Wells 1-2 ml

Polypropylene or polystyrene plates intended for sample storage and adapted for most automated systems.

Plates 384 wells ShallowWell

• Conical bottom
• Volume: 25 µl
• With bar code

Lids and films Nunc

Nunc has a complete range of products intended for closing microtitration, culture or immunology plates and deepwell plates.

Matrix transfer tubes with Sepraseal caps

• Round bottom
• Made of autoclavable polypropylene
• Resistant to temperatures of - 80 °C to 120 °C
• Bulk, Latch Rack or Snap Rack versions

Latch Racks:
• Compatibles with automated systems
• SBS footprint
• Open bottom and venting for faster freezing and thawing
• Secure lid suitable for use by robotics; for mailing, the lid stays fir mly closed; in manual use, the lid is held open by hinges

Snap Racks:
• Snap-in tubes, avoids them falling over
• Compatible with automated systems
• Secure lid for mailing and storage
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