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Barcode scanners - Scanners - Burner

Barcode reader VisionMate ST 2D

• Individual tube reader for reading 2D codes
• Connection via USB
• Reads all tubes with high contrast 2D bar code

ZIATH barcode scanners for 2D DataPaq™ tubes

Datapaq™ scanners are very quick and easy to use. A complete sample tracking solution.

2D and 1D barcode scanners

• 2D barcoded tube readings in SBS rack format, or cryobox
• Cryoprotection: special coating to prevent condensation from cryotubes from interrupting reading
• Small footprint
• PC connection via USB
• Compatible: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
• Export of data in Text, JSON, XML, Image format
• Documentation (certificate etc.) on the tubes available via the Eppendorf website based on the cryotube codes
• Automated data transfer to sample management software (e.g. Eppendorf eLABInventory)
• eLABJournal available via the Eppendorf website: intuitive and flexible solution for documenting research and tracking research data as well as workflow processes in which the ULT freezer is used

DP5 software

Only compatible with 2D barcode readers with camera. 3 versions available according to your needs.
• Network version: remote control
• Standard version, included with the scanner: simple, intuitive, ready to use in minutes
• Secure version: unparalleled level of data protection and security for users of sensitive samples (human tissue, forensics...)

Standard version, included with the scanner:
• Simple, intuitive, ready to use in minutes
• Control via direct connection to the computer
• Auto-scaling to work with the latest 4K displays
• Compatible with all Ziath 2D barcode readers with camera: Mirage, Cube, and Express
• Data export in Excel, text, JSON, XML and scanned images can also be saved
• Remote control function for direct integration with liquid handling robots and other compatible external devices
• Scanning and export settings can be assigned individually for each rack type used
• Automatic rack detection and rack model creation as standard

Barcode reader for individual tubes

• Infrared reading of 1D and 2D barcodes
• Fast, accurate collection of sample information

DT300 wireless reader

• Battery for approximately 10 to 12 hours of continuous use.
• Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows and features a Bluetooth dongle that can be connected to any computer
• Lightweight, easy to carry and use
• Can store around 15,000 2D Data-Matrix codes and 17,000 1D codes

Visionmate High Speed scanner

• Reads a rack in less than 1 second
• Supplied with a magnetic 1D barcode reader
• Software with various options for exporting data to a LIMS, ELN or database
• Power supply via USB connection
• Customisable system of LEDs that change colour to give instant feedback on the reading just taken (successful readings, rack orientation errors, rack code errors and unexpected number of tubes)
• IP66 certified, suitable for use in cleanrooms
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