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2D - tubes for transport

Transfer tubes 0.65 -1.2 ml

The tubes are supplied:
• non-closed;
• with Multisip septum cap (for robotic use).

Tubes de transfert 2D SmartScan

• Tubes in racks with 2D DataMatrix code on the external bottom of the tube (2D SmartScan code); a 10 digit code can also be read with the eye
• For unique identification of each sample (3.6 x 1015possible combinations)
• Total traceability
• The 2D SmartScan code is encapsulated in a polypropylene window (patent) for total protection against damage, solvents (e.g.: DMSO)
• The 2D SmartScan code can be read by different readers
• Volume 0.3 ml, 0.65 ml (conical bottom) or 1.2 ml
• Empty rack available on request

Cryotubes 2 ml code 2D SmartScan

• An encapsulated code 2D Smartscan™ DataMatrix™ linked to an 8 digit code visible to the naked eye
• Pure polypropylene
• For storage and unique sample identification
• Screw cap
• Marking areas
• Compatible with all ABgene readers
• Resistant to DMSO or other solvents
• Resistant to all chemical and/or physical damage
• Cap with 100 % leak-proof sealing ring
• Available in racks of 48 wells to optimise the order of the tubes in the freezer
• Lockable rack with transparent lid with alphanumeric labelling
• Guaranteed up to -180 °C in liquid nitrogen vapours
• Maximum volume: 2 ml / useful volume: 1.8 ml
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