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Microplates Screening - Storage

Plates microarrays 384 wells

Plates intended for collecting samples for microarray tests and for low sample volumes. Pure polypropylene, excellent chemical resistance.

Storage plate 96-Wells V-shaped bottom

Pure polypropylene plate for sample storage (no re-release).

Storage plate 96-Wells Low Profile

Polypropylene plate 96-Wells 1.2 ml with round bottom (1 ml of storage volume if closed with flexible lid).

Storage plates 96 ABgene

Polypropylene storage plates or deepwell for storing samples. They are particularly suited for combinatorial chemistry applications, HTS etc.
They are closed with a rigid lid, a flexible lid with 96 pins or a sealing film. Alphanumeric labelling.

For bacteria cultures, use the 2.2 ml conical bottom plate with a permeable film (type 016127).

Storage microplates ABgene

Pure polypropylene 96-Well Microplatess without additives.

Storage plates 384 ABgene

• Pure polypropylene
• Excellent rigidity
• Completely flat
• Alphanumeric index
• Wells with pyramid-shaped bottom for maximum sample recovery
• Double individualising flange on each well for optimal sealing (adhesive, heat welding)
• 3 different volumes for all applications
• Very transparent 250 µl plate for good visibility of the wells when loading the sample

Storage plate 48 wells 6 ml

• Polypropylene storage plate with 48 wells of 6 ml
• Closed with a sealing film
• Alphanumeric index
• Can act as reservoir for machines
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