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Maximize your success with the right PCR setup

Finding the right solutions for your PCR projects can be difficult - but with competent guidance from our specialists, we will ensure that you are fully equipped to get the most out of your time and laboratory work. From DNA/RNA purification, quality control, and reagents, to detection, we have the products that you will need. We offer solutions for the complete workflow and carry reagents that will fit your projects.

Fast master mixes and custom design assays

We offer a complete portfolio of qPCR reagents, including custom design assays for high throughput. You will find fast master mixes for both probe (i.e. Taqman®) and SYBR Green assays. All our qPCR master mixes are versatile and provide the best performance for quantification of DNA/RNA/CDNA and sensitive detection, independently of the qPCR platform.

Comprehensive dPCR Solutions


Elevate your digital PCR (dPCR) projects with our complete workflow solutions. We specialize in providing a full spectrum of offerings, including customized assay design and high-quality reagents. Rely on our expert guidance to enhance efficiency, save time, and achieve precision in your digital PCR analyses.

Optimal output and results with the right guidance

Our specialists are always ready to guide you in the setup and use of both consumables and instruments. Professional guidance can save you time, optimize your workflow, and significantly reduce costs. You will find a range of high-quality reagents in our portfolio from top-tier suppliers.


High-quality purification kits for optimal performance

Save time and effort in the DNA/RNA purification process by choosing the right purification kit. We have high-quality kits for DNA purification and RNA purification. It will ensure that you have quality starting material for your analysis, a critical factor in successful real-time PCR.


Discover all the PCR, qPCR and dPCR products

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