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Flow Cytometry

Discover more with rapid profiling of large cell populations

Combine the advantages of single-cell, high-speed analysis to rapidly profile a large population of cells. Flow cytometry is used extensively throughout life- and biomedical science, as well as in clinical diagnostics. We cover your workflow from sample preparation to staining, and measurement to analysis. Our product specialists are ready to help you discover more about flow cytometry.

Professional guidance for your flow cytometry projects

Our product specialists are experienced in flow cytometry and are ready to guide you to the best solutions for your research or diagnostic projects. In our portfolio of high-quality products, you will find the most innovative developers of flow cytometry technologies. Click here to see our range of Flow Cytometry instruments (link to flow instrument page). We are ready to help you take your research to the next level.

A multitude of possibilities

The major technological advances in flow cytometry with the development of mass cytometry and imaging flow cytometry enable a multitude of research possibilities using these technologies. Your science is our focus, and you can be certain that we are ready to support you in the use of these innovative technologies. Our product and application specialists are continuously trained directly by our suppliers and are ready to share advantages and help you avoid pitfalls.

10,000+ options for staining

We have more than 10,000 ready-to-use antibodies and markers for the staining step, including metal-conjugated antibodies. You will find both in vitro diagnostic (IVD) and research use only (RUO)-marked antibodies and markers in our portfolio. Having trouble finding the right conjugate for your antibody or marker? We provide easy-to-handle conjugation kits and can offer a custom antibody conjugation service to tailor your antibody panels to your specific needs.


The essential preparation

Meticulous preparation of your samples is the key to reliable and reproducible results. We have staining buffers, lysing- and permeabilization buffers, and FC blocking reagents, and can help find just the right solution for you. To give your cells optimal conditions we can help you find the right plate or flask. Click to see our vast range of consumables (link to correct consumables page).


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