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DNA, RNA & Protein Purification

High-quality purification kits for optimal performance

Save time and effort in the DNA/RNA purification process by choosing the right purification kit. We have high-quality kits for DNA purification and RNA purification. It will ensure that you have quality starting material for your analysis.


The important first step for better end-results

Purification of DNA/RNA is a critical step in the process of many downstream technologies, as purification of your DNA/RNA allows for better end results. No matter the amount of DNA/RNA you have available, securing pure DNA/RNA will help you achieve the best results possible.
We offer high-yield, high-quality, and high-purity DNA and RNA purification kits. You will find a long range of purification kits for e.g. gel/PCR clean-up, genomic DNA from tissue or cells plasmid DNA (also endotoxin-free), and environmental samples like oil, stool, or water. All kits are produced within the EU and of the highest quality.
No matter the amount of sample you have available, you have several options: Single spin column for low sample throughput; for medium throughput, you may choose manual vacuum manifold in single columns, 8-strip columns, 96-well column format, and for high throughput we offer magnetic beads. Find purification for manual or automated workflows, compatible with open liquid handling platforms and robots.

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