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A wide selection of antibodies 

Choose between 10,000+ ready-to-use antibodies. Cannot find the right conjugate for your antibody of choice? We also provide easy-to-handle conjugation kits, or we can offer a conjugation service.  Independently of which platform, species, or research area, we will find the right solution for you.

Antibody incubation 

For incubation with antibodies, you need to do blocking, incubate with a primary antibody, wash, incubate with a secondary antibody, and wash a final time. However, direct detection can be suitable in many cases. In our portfolio, you will find a range of products to support antibody incubation; primary antibodies, and blocking buffers.


Pre-treatment and primary and secondary antibodies to match nearly all applications

For pretreatment, we have a large selection of blocking agents, buffers, and enzymes for antigen retrieval. For staining, we have a large selection of primary and secondary antibodies. We offer monoclonal antibodies from mouse and polyclonal antibodies from rabbit, sheep, goat, and pig. In addition, we have monoclonal antibodies produced in rabbits (RabMab), which generate higher affinity and sensitivity.

We have secondary antibodies in various purification formats - F(ab')2 and FAB, as well as cross-absorbed against for example human. We have almost the entire spectrum of fluorochrome-, biotin-, and enzyme-labeled secondary antibodies. We will be able to find a secondary antibody matching nearly all applications.


Discover all the Antibodies

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