Service and Maintenance


A preventive maintenance will ensure that your instrument delivers accurate results at each run. Get the most out of your instrument and prolong its life time with service.


On site repairs

Choose on site repair or our repair centre depending on the situation and your lab schedule.

Response within 48 hours

With our fast response time you can get on with your lab work in no time.

Certified service

We know every little details of the products after having worked with them for several years. And we regularly go on training courses to learn more about existing and new products.

Service Types

Depending on your needs and your budget, you can choose between a gold, silver or bronze service agreement for some of our most popular products. A yearly maintenance could be all you need, or maybe you wish to have the security of

fast repairs with no additional charge.


Vi offer repair, service, calibration, installation and validation of:


  • PCR and QPCR instruments
  • Fluidigm instruments
  • Wave RPD System
  • Minicore Micro Tissue Arrayer
  • NovoCyte Flow Cytometer
  • UVP Instruments for gel documentation
  • Azure instruments for gel documentation
  • Glite instruments for gel documentation
  • Power supplies for electrophoresis


Servicing with ISO certified equipment

QC validation of PCR and QPCR instruments is made according to NIST, and pipette calibration is done according to ISO 8655. This service is documented with a detailed log book that meets the criteria for ISO certification of laboratory equipment.


Nordic service team

Our service technicians and local service partners perform service in the Nordic countries. 



The service team and the Nordic application managers are trained to perform teaching/training in the use of the equipment. In addition, the service team offers support by phone on the regular user interfaces.



Contact us if you wish to know more.


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