Agilent reagents offer

01.10.2019 | Agilent reagents offer


Get Brilliant Results with Agilent qPCR Master Mixes

Brilliant III Ultra-Fast QPCR Master Mixes are single-tube qPCR reagents designed to perform accelerated quantitative PCR amplifications on all types of qPCR instruments and fast-cycling systems.
  • Mutated Taq DNA polymerase specifically engineered for fast replication
  • Improved chemical hot start mechanism that promotes fast release
  • Get results in less than 35 minutes
 Are Your Cells Competent for Your Research?
Competent, electrocompetent, and chemically competent cells for any application.
The right competent cells are critical for the success of your research project both with general protein expression and cloning, but especially for difficult cloning, large plasmids, or expression of toxic proteins. Select from an extensive and innovative range of electro- or chemically competent cells from Agilent Technologies. Includes strains with the highest transformation efficiencies available, which are especially useful when cloning large plasmids. 

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