Save 28% on Brilliant III qPCR Master Mixes

01.04.2019 | Save 28% on Brilliant III qPCR Master Mixes

Get Reliable qPCR Data with Short Run Time

Perfect for researchers who want their qPCR data faster without compromising quality. More resistance to common qPCR inhibitors such as whole blood or NaCl. Optimized fast cycling formulation. Pre-blended formulations compatible with any sequence-
specific probe detection chemistry.


 ► Save 28% on Brilliant III qPCR Master Mixes 
  • Fast-activating hot start method
  • Minimizes the formation of primer-dimers and other off-target reactions.
  • Robust and reproducible across many assays on fast cycling real-time platforms.
  • Pre-blended formulations for SYBR Green or probe-based assays
Campaign valid for 400 RXN reaction size of SYBR or probe-based Brilliant III qPCR Master Mixes
(Cat. No.: 600880 or 600882).
Please state campaign code when ordering: CM00261


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