15% off High-Fidelity Polymerase

01.04.2018 | 15% off High-Fidelity Polymerase

Get successful, robust and high-fidelity PCR regardless of conditions with PrimeSTAR GXL.



  • Amplification of products up to 30 kb (human genomic DNA), 40 kb (lambda DNA), or 13.5 kb (human cDNA)
  • Easy amplification of GC- or AT-rich templates and targets containing repeats
  • Buffer and dNTPs included
  • Antibody-mediated hot-start formulation
  • Highest processivity of all commercial high-fidelity DNA polymerases


Right now, we offer 15% off on PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase.*


 Item no.  Description 
 R050A  PrimeSTAR GXL DNA Polymerase  250 units



* Please state campaign code CM00214 when ordering to obtain the discount.
The campaign is valid until June 29, 2018.



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