30% off Azure Biosystems c280

01.04.2018 | 30% off Azure Biosystems c280

The sensitivity of film at an economical price.


Say goodbye to the darkroom.

Digital chemiluminescent detection offers sensitivity equal to film, without all the hassles. Place your sample in the system and capture your Western Blot image with the click of a button.


The Azure c280 is not only for chemiluminescense, it gives access to a wide range of applications - also image DNA, protein gels, and DNA gels with a click.


Azure c280 for only Euro 15,600,-*
Demo units for sale at special prices
Contact us to hear about the Azure demo units for sale and get a great price.



* Offer is valid only when ordering by email or telephone. Please state campaign code CM00219 when ordering to obtain the discount.
The campaign is valid until June 29, 2018.



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