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A big variety of chosen suppliers of Life Science products guarantees that we can cover all your needs on this area. The products are used on PCR, QPCR, gel documentation, ELISA/RIA, flow cytometry, cell biology, WB, IHC, DNA/RNA purification and much more. By clicking on the name you will be forwarded to the supplier's website. 


ACEA Biosciences Acea Biosciences is a manufacturer of high quality and easy-to-use flow cytometers and label-free real-time cellular analysis systems. Their Novocyte flow cytometer is a small footprint benchtop instrument with detection of up to 15 colors and the highest performance in the market. xCellingence instruments are impedance-based, label-free cellular analysis systems that enable researchers to monitor cell proliferation, death, migration and many other functions in real time. 
Producer of WesternBright kits – the best and most economical ECL substrates for Western Blotting. Has also many other high quality western blotting products.
Agilent Technologies - Stratagene Products
Leading and innovative supplier in molecular biology with a very strong product range within Real-Time PCR, PCR, cloning and mutagenesis.
Aushon Biosystems Aushon Biosystems manufactures the most sensitive and accurate multiplex ELISA assay system in the world. Their innovative Cira™ immunoassay platform enables researchers to detect low concentrations of as many as 12 target analytes per sample. The accuracy and repeatability of the assay is much better than any other multiplex platform in the market.
Axxora is a unique online market place. At present we have approximately 40 quality manufacturers distributing their products via We currently represent more than 15.000 products and cover all major areas of research. Today is a preferred shopping platform for researchers throughout the world.
Azure Biosystems Azure Biostystem is a world leader in Gel and Western Blot imaging products. They manufacture a small benchtop imager line which covers basic gel imaging, chemiluminescence western blot imaging, RGB and NIR fluorescence imaging. Instruments are upgradable and easy to use.
Bender MedSystems
Bender MedSystems (now part of eBioscience) is known as a specialist in ELISA assays and has unique technologies, such as Instant ELISA, InstantOne phospho ELISA and the bead-based FlowCytomix for detection of human and animal cytokines and adhesion molecules.
Bertin Pharma
Bertin Pharma develops, manufactures and markets a wide and unique range of pre-analytical products, assays, antibodies and biochemicals in the fields of inflammation, Oxidative injury, Endocrinology, Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Psychopharmacology, Cancer, Asthma, Prion disease, Pharmacokinetics and Metabolism.
Biocomp Instruments Biocomp Instruments develops and manufactures unique systems for gradient forming, fractionation, and analysis systems for work with density gradients in biomedical research.
Biosistemika Biosistemika is manufacturer of the new PlatR pipetting aid. PlatR system helps lab personnel to manage their complex manual pipetting tasks and reduce errors. This platform make plate map creation easy and fun and makes sure you are always in control of where you are in the pipetting process.
BioTek® is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of microplate instrumentation and software, including cell imaging and analysis systems, microplate readers, washers, dispensers, automated incubators, stackers and pipetting systems. BioTek's products are used in life science research, drug discovery, clinical and industrial applications.

Producer of cell-based assays, ELISA kits and antibodies for apoptosis and signal transduction.

Cayman Chemicals    

Specialist in ELISA, cell based assays, specialty chemicals and API’s: Isoprostanes, Prostaglandins, Leukotrienes, Cannabinoids, NOS, COX, etc. Inquire for bulk quantities.


Supplier of ELISA, RIA and saliva ELISA kits. (Autoimmune, Diabetes, endocrinology, fertility, tumor, virology, medications, infectious diseases, neuro-peptides and mineral metabolism).

eBioscience supplies a wide range of IHC and flow cytometry products: Cellular dyes, Buffers, Isotype controls and Antibodies – human, mouse and rat for T cell regulations, Dendritic cells, Toll-like receptors and more. They also have one of the largest luminex kit portfolios in the market called ProCartaPlex. They cover human, mouse, rat, non-human primate, porcine and canine.
Enzo Life Sciences Enzo® Life Sciences is a manufacturer of proteins, antibodies, peptides, small molecules, labeling probes dyes and kits. With the addition of ALEXIS®, BIOMOL®, ASSAY DESIGNS® and STRESSGEN® Enzo® Life-Sciences is now a recognized world leader in research kits.
Expedeon is a world leading expert in easy-to-use, cutting-edge bioconjugation technologies and services. Their products are based on its antibody and protein labeling, nanoparticle, oligonucleotide labeling, and phosphate detection enzyme assay technologies. The ever expanding portfolio includes the Lightning-Link®, InnovaCoat® and Thunder-Link® brands. Formerly known as Innova Biosciences.

The Integrated Fluidic Circuit technology can revolutionize your research in gene expression, copy number variation, SNP genotyping, targeted resequencing and more.

GRIFOLS Grifols manufactures complete ELISA analysis system called Triturus. The ELISA automate does all the steps of the ELISA automatically without user intervention. Instrument contains pipetting head for sample and reagent transfer from tubes to plates, plate washer, incubator with shaker, spectrophotometer for readout and analysis software for data analysis.
Inivai Inivai produces the most comprehensive flow cytometry analysis and reporting software on the market. The FlowLogic software offers platform-independent compatibility, powerful analysis tools, easy operation, and multiple reporting options in one package.
Leading manufacturer of high quality antibodies within Cell signalling and Neuroscience. In addition, Merck (formerly known as Millipore) is recognized for their LIF and ESGRO™ reagents as well as other quality reagents for Stem Cell-, Apoptosis- and Epigenetic research.
Manufacturer of instruments for Tissue Array and SampleFreezer. Tissue Arrayer MiniCore3 is a unique semi-automated system with different punch sizes, very easy construction with complete traceability. The SampleFreezer is using isopentane at -80°C (temperature control), the system is well adapted for any format you need to snap freeze: dip freeze, cryostat specimen holder, cryomold and cryotube.
PacBio PacBio (Pacific Biosciences) develops comprehensive solutions for scientists within genomic analysis. Utilizing advances in biochemistry, optics, and nanofabrication, PacBio has developed Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing technology. The powerful technology transforms the understanding of biological systems by enabling real-time analysis of biomolecules with single-molecule resolution.
Panomics - Affymetrix Panomics QuantiGene Plex 2.0 Assays provide quantitative measurements of 3 to 80 target RNAs per well with unparalleled accuracy and precision directly from lysate. No need for RNA amplification or cDNA conversion. QuantiGene ViewRNA assays are unique RNA in situ hybridization assays that offer single-molecule RNA sensitivity in individual cells or in tissues.

Leading manufacturer of antibody arrays for cytokine research. Custom- and pre-made arrays.

Santa Cruz 

World leading manufacturer of antibodies and RNAi products. More than 36.800 specific antibodies, protein A/G agaroses, and lentiviral transduction particles for RNAi knockdown.

Southern Biotechnology

Leading manufacturer of secondary antibodies and isotype controls. Preferred supplier to the veterinary market.


Supplier of polymerases, restriction enzymes, ELISA kits and much more.


Complete range of systems to gel documentation and Bioimaging, as well as UV-related products such as crosslinkers, hybridizations ovens, UV lamps, PCR workstation, etc.


Wide range of IVD/CE approved quality probes for diagnostics, both FISH and CISH analysis.




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