Complete solutions for your work with pathogens

Within pathology, we carry products to support your full workflow - from purification and pre-analysis to the final detection of pathogens in tissue or cells. We have a varied selection and solutions for work with pathogens for both clinical diagnostics and research laboratories. Find fast, sensitive, and flexible solutions for your microbiological studies on pathogens.

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Get an optimal start with purification and pre-analysis

Purification and pre-analysis are steps not to be underestimated in the workflow with pathogens. Using the right purification kit helps you reach optimal extraction conditions. We provide kits for pre-analysis, e.g. implementation kits, Master Mixes for PCR, and detection reagents. You will also find hybridizers to ensure the optimal temperature if you are working with probes.

Vira and bacteria

Find everything you need for working with vira and bacteria. Whether you need antibodies, probes (both for working with DNA and RNA), or you need to do special staining, you will find a wide selection from different suppliers. Pathogenic probes for Epstein-Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus, HPV, and many other vira? We are ready to supply the probes you need for a wide range of targets. You will also find products for mycobacteria and HPV genotyping. Our specialists are always ready to guide you to the right antibodies or probes if you are uncertain of which products will be the right ones for you.

Powerful equipment for detection and analysis

For the final step in your pathogenic workflow, we offer a range of different systems and methods, depending on your target. You will find scanners for arrays and powerful software for interpretation of your results. Ensure that your data is easy to interpret by utilizing software that supports your method the best way possible.
We offer different filter colors for visualization with fluorescence probes for your FISH, as well as products for detection for CISH and detection kits. If you want to study pathogens in real-time, you can select a qPCR platform that allows for real-time or quantitative detection and study of pathogens. Among other systems, we offer a handy real-time PCR/qPCR instrument that with a small footprint fits in any lab or clinic.

Professional guidance for your work with pathogens

With AH diagnostics you are always ensured to get qualified exchange of knowledge and guidance from our experienced product specialists. In our portfolio of quality products, you will find instruments and consumables for every step of the workflow with pathogens. We have solutions that support both clinical and research laboratories, and the right guidance can help you simplify your workflow and reduce costs.