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DeNovix DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer Fluorometer

DeNovix - DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer/Fluorometer

Award-winning performance

Perform both critical contamination detection and fluorometric concentration determination for sample normalization before downstream applications like qPCR and sequencing. This instrument is highly accurate and has outstanding sensitivity.

  • Designed by one of NanoDrop™’s founders
  • Measures non-stop with AutoRun
  • Spectrometer and fluorometer in one instrument
  • The most accurate and sensitive spectrophotometer on the market
  • Sample volume down to 0.5 µL


Microplate Spectrophotometer

BioTek Instruments Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer

BioTek Instruments - Epoch™

Compact monochromator-based microplate spectrophotometer for UV/Vis absorbance

The Epoch™ microplate spectrophotometer offers filter-free UV/Vis absorbance readings for applications like DNA/RNA quantification, Protein quantification, and ELISA.

  • UV/Vis absorbance 200-999 nm
  • 6-to 384-well plates
  • Spectral scanning, endpoint, kinetic, and well area scanning measurements
  • Small footprint
  • Take3™ micro-volume plate compatible
BioTek Instruments

Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

BioTek Instruments - Synergy Multi-Mode Readers

Compact and affordable readers automating all detection modes with superior performance

The Synergy multi-mode readers utilize a unique dual-optics design combining monochromator for filter-free UV/Vis absorbance and filters for maximum sensitivity of fluorescence determinations.

  • Fluorescence, UV-Visible absorbance, Luminescence
  • 4-Zone incubation
  • Linear, orbital, and double orbital shaking
  • Angled injectors for rapid inject - read assays
  • Take3™ micro-volume plate compatible

BioTek Instruments

Nucleic Acid Extraction Robot

Analytik Jena - InnuPure C16

Analytik Jena - InnuPure C16

Fully automated nucleic acid extraction

The InnuPure C16 system is for flexible, efficient nucleic acid extraction.

  • Fully automated extraction system

  • Flexibility for DNA and RNA extraction

  • Use either magnetic or SmartExtraction technologies

  • Wide range of kits available

  • Cross-contamination free

  • Highly accurate pipetting

  • Intuitive user interface with tablet control

Analytik Jena

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Analytik Jena - innuPREP, innuSPEED, blackPREP

Analytik Jena - innuPREP, innuSPEED, blackPREP

Sample preparation made easy

Analytik Jena offers nucleic acid extraction kits for different technologies and sample types - all of high quality.

  • Simple DNA and RNA extraction from various sample types

  • High yields

  • Short protocols save time

  • Minimized use of hazardous chemicals, no phenols/chloroform

  • Excellent purities

  • Wide range of kits for different technologies and sample types

Analytik Jena