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For our diagnostic product lines we have selected a number of suppliers of approved reagents, kits and instruments. By clicking on the name you will be forwarded to the supplier's website. 


Cell Marque Corporation

Large choice of IVD approved antibodies for diagnostics. High quality monoclonal mouse- and rabbit antibodies and polyclonal antibodies for all IHC platforms.

HiDef Detection™ Polymer System with extreme sensitivity containing one amplifier to enhance both mouse- and rabbit antibodies. Pre-treatment and wash buffers.


Supplier of ELISA, RIA and saliva ELISA kits. (Autoimmune, Diabetes, endocrinology, fertility, tumor, virology, medications, infectious diseases, neuro-peptides and mineral metabolism).

Fast Track Diagnostics Specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of infectious disease detection kits that serve the clinical need such as syndromically grouped real-time PCR multiplex kits.
Grifols Grifols manufactures complete ELISA analysis system called Triturus. The ELISA automate does all the steps of the ELISA automatically without user intervention. Instrument contains pipetting head for sample and reagent transfer from tubes to plates, plate washer, incubator with shaker, spectrophotometer for readout and analysis software for data analysis.
Manufacture of instruments for Tissue Array and SampleFreezer. Tissue Arrayer MiniCore3 is a unique semi-automated system with different punch sizes, very easy construction with complete traceability. The SampleFreezer is using isopentane at -80°C (temperature control), the system is well adapted for any format you need to snap freeze: dip freeze, cryostat specimen holder, cryomold and cryotube.
The Binding Site Autoimmune diagnostics. Subclasses (Human IgG and IgA). Freelite kits (Myeloma diagnostics, MGUS), free light chains kappa and lambda. Intact immunoglobulins.
ZETA Corporation Supplier of mono- and polyclonal antibodies optimized for IHC.

Wide range of IVD/CE approved quality probes for diagnostics, both FISH and CISH analysis.




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